Our Customers


From the first day Teleroute began his business, Teleroute was not only aiming to act as a simple distributor but also aimed to provide total solution to all its customers. Teleroute gives advises to customers about the suitable hardware and provide installation and setup services. Customers do not only benefit in getting good products from Teleroute, they also benefit from getting all their needs in one place.


With our famous Knuerr products, Teleroute helps customers to design and set up the 19” racking systems and the computer control console systems in their telecommunication and data centres. In fact, Knuerr products are widely used in Hong Kong and our installation team has helped hundreds of customers to set up and install Knuerr products.




As to our Joslyn products, we help customers to examine and design their products so that they can have maximum protection when using the surge protectors. For many years, local telecom companies use Joslyn gas tubes in their telephone line protection. At the same time, HKSAR Government and local utility companies are using Joslyn AC surge protectors to safeguard the AC supplies in their important buildings. When supplying the surge protection products, Teleroute also helps the respective users to decide where to put in the products and, in some cases, Teleroute even installs our products for them.



For other telecom and office automation products, Teleroute also plays a key role in advising customers about suitable products and, at the same time, providing setup and installation services if necessary.




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